Starting Aerocënse has been an exciting experience so far. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I've created a few companies. Some were better than others, but all didn't pan out to where I wanted them to be. Still being youthful, I see these failures as lessons. Aerocënse, for me, is an outlet to apply all that I've learned. I feel like this is one of the reasons why this whole process had been exciting. I'm given a chance to avoid the mistakes I've made and put new things to use. Starting the company could be split up into three different parts—research, planning, and launch. I'm not much of a candle user, which put me at a disadvantage in starting a candle company. The only time I would use candles was whenever I had a guest over. I feel like smells stick with a person, and I wanted my place to smell the best. Fragrances as a whole have always had my attention but not candles.
In doing my research, I learned things about candles that I didn't know. One of the first was candles that had wooden wicks. Wooden wicks stood out since I've only come across cotton wick candles. I wanted to know the difference between the two and found out that wooden wicks make this excellent crackling sound, which is soothing and relaxing. It sounded like a campfire and at other times sounded like rain. I knew I wanted to use these for the candle. The next thing to look at was wax. I never knew that candles had different waxes, with each one having its advantages. When looking for a wax, I wanted something non-toxic, eco-friendly, and premium in its quality. This lead to me learning about coconut wax. I've always had a soft spot for anything coconut-based and chose this for the wax. With having this, I researched to see what went into making a candle. While researching, I also spent some time thinking about branding. Branding is what sets businesses apart, and I knew this from my past experiences and education. With branding, I wanted something that felt natural for me and exciting. The idea of travel came up since it's something that I love to do and gets people excited. I've been traveling ever since I was a baby and knew the joy that it brought me. The exciting feeling you get at the airport and the build-up of boarding the plane to visit a distant land. I knew my brand had to represent this and finalized this as a theme. Now I could go back to making the candle. Youtube and google helped me with what I needed to know to make candles. Next, I ordered different fragrances to test and create candles. This testing was the fun part but also the most important. I found some fragrances I liked and had some friends smell them. This lead to a couple of scents that I wanted to do with me selecting one of them. The scent chosen is the one used in the HAV - Havana, Cuba Candle. Havana was chosen as a first destination mostly because of the fragrance. The smell is one of coffee, and Cuba is known for growing coffee. There were other contenders, but I wanted to save them for different fragrances. The HAV - Havana, Cuba candle is a candle that I enjoy but that I also hope you will enjoy.