One of the most intimidating things for a business is launching. So many questions fill your mind. Will people buy from me? Did I make a mistake? There is so much noise when preparing to take-off. Getting ready for launch, I'm trying to make sure everything is right and in place for things to run smoothly. Crossing my fingers that this will work. For me, it has to work. Being a recent graduate, I was preparing to enter the job field but do the pandemic; it's been much harder than I thought. Applying for jobs, I got job rejection after another. While I still want to enter the job field, these rejections were painful. I felt like the only option left was to start a business. I've done it before when I was 16, did it when I was 17, and did it at 18.  This backed with a business degree; I felt like this was the time. Having these rejections fuel me to create a successful business. This launch, for me, is not only a business launch but is a launch after college. I'm still hopeful to enter the job field, but with the circumstances, as is, I have to take my future into my own hands. I'm looking forward to the launch of Aerocënse. Not only to test my skills but also as something to prove myself. Taking a bad situation and making the best out of it.