We only have one earth, but our actions say otherwise. Companies need to take the necessary steps to implement eco-friendly practices. Statistics place 100 companies that are responsible for 71% of global emissions. While our daily habits impact the world, real change will show when companies take steps to an eco-friendly future. Companies can do this through the use of renewable energy and using recycled materials. Aerocënse takes steps to implement eco-friendly products where possible. The candles use wooden wicks, which are renewable since they come from trees. The trees that they are source from getting replaced by new trees that are grown after harvesting the wick. The wax used is coconut wax, which also comes from plants. Fragrances are also sourced through plants. These materials can be grown over and over again. The bubble wrap used in packaging is made from recycled plastics with the plan to move to cardboard wrap.  Plastic is something that can't be grown and comes from oils. The best compromise is using recycled plastics, reducing the need for oils to produce new plastics. Moving forward, we want to be able to showcase our brand but do it sustainably. Aerocënse will take the steps necessary to implement eco-friendly practices